Fruit Blast

Fruit Blast from Skillz Gaming isn't exactly a slot but never the less is a fun and incredibly addictive game. Set at a juice bar, quite likely in Hawaii, it brings together slots with the popular gem style games. Your aim is to create as many 3 or more fruit combos as possible for the chance to win up to x1000 coins.

Fruit Blast

Wagering on Fruit Blast starts at 60p although you can choose to wager up to a maximum of £100. There's no autoplay feature. At first glance you may well think this game is too basic. The graphics aren't outstanding, retro is probably the best description, but stick with it!

When you hit the big green play button a grid of 5x5 fruits appears. You need to click on clusters of 3 or more connected fruits to remove them from the grid. Remove enough fruit of of the same kind to win between x0.5 and x10 your wager. There's no limit to the number of times you can win during a game.

During play you may get three bonus symbols together - when you click on these you'll receive a bonus depending on the current bartender. As you move up the levels you can change bar tenders - choose the one you like best in terms of the bonus round they offer. For example one may offer five free games whilst another a cash prize up to x8 your coin. There's no guarantee of bigger wins as you progress or change bar tenders.

A jackpot symbol is also in play and this is where you can win x1000 your initial wager.

Fruit Blast has gamification features. Earn stars on each turn to level up and earn trophies. You earn stars on pretty much every turn, but extra stars are added for things like winning five games in a row or completing fruit combos.

This is a gentle game that's strangely addictive. It may not be everyone's cup of tea (or glass of juice) but it's nice to find something different.

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